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Savings wallets#11

I would love to be able to also track how much money I am saving for big expenses for later (like a vacation, a tattoo or whatever you need to save for).

2 years ago

I agree. It would also be great if we could move monez saved in ine account / wallet to another. e.g. when the month is finished we decide where to move the savings in order to have a better budgeting

3 months ago

Hi there, you can create a wallet and label this as the savings account for what your saving for and record the savings in this wallet. To transfer moneys across wallets you can click the wallet, click the + button on the top right then click transfer on the bottom left and you can transfer the amounts from one wallet to another. If you had any suggestions how the savings wallet should look like please let us know, otherwise we shall archive this ticket within the next few days.

2 months ago