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Automatic recognition of a bill/receipt#3


By taking a picture of a receipt, the app automatically recognizes and integrates:

  • seller (name and VAT or reg number)
  • amount VAT inc
  • apunt VAT exc
  • VAT or taxes amount
  • date of purchase
  • currency

This feature exists in some other apps.

3 years ago

afandee madeng

3 years ago

The screen goes black and won’t take a picture of the receipt

2 years ago

And for Australia can we have it recognise GST and ABN:

2 years ago

The screen goes dark for me too and I have to close and restart the app.

2 years ago

This app is suck keep loading again and sucks

2 years ago

Photo of receipt is UNREADABLE, resolution terrible. Blurry.

7 months ago